• Genius Art Fruit Piles Tower Baby Wood Toys Educational, 60 Pcs
  • Genius Art Fruit Piles Tower Baby Wood Toys Educational, 60 Pcs
  • Genius Art Fruit Piles Tower Baby Wood Toys Educational, 60 Pcs

Genius Art Fruit Piles Tower Baby Wood Toys Educational, 60 Pcs




  • Colorful fruit pieces to help children explore different fruit varieties
  • A fun learning experience for boys and girls
  • Safe and durable for kids 3 years old and above
  • An educational toy that also teaches kids the importance of a healthy diet
  • Helps boys and girls appreciate different fruits in an exciting environment

This 60-Piece Wooden Fruit Blocks Set is like no other. Made of 100% wood, this toy features different fruits your child can learn from such as grapes, bananas, strawberries, pineapples, and more. A fun way to incorporate the lesson on fruits during your kids’ playtime, you can set drills and let your child identify a certain fruit while he’s having fun.

Comes in different colors

This 60-Piece Wooden Fruit Blocks Set won’t only help you educate your child about various fruits, you can also take advantage of letting your child identify each unique color for a specific fruit. Colors include violet, orange, green, yellow, and more. Now, you can associate each color with a certain type of fruit. Indeed, this educational toy lets kids learn two concepts in one setting!

Exercises your child’s mathematical skills

Another important concept boys and girls can learn from in this toy set is Mathematics. Aside from identifying fruits and colors, you can let your child count 1 to 60 while he strings each fruit with the string provided in this set.

Enhances creativity

Like any craft activity, boys and girls are free to group or combine different fruits and rearrange them in various ways. Parents should allow their kids to explore their options so they can bring out their best artwork and create an endless stream of stories and designs out of their imagination.

A great way to spend the weekend

While your child is not in school and enjoying the weekend with family and friends, you can introduce this 60-Piece Wooden Fruit Blocks so he has something to spend his time on while learning and having fun. To make his playtime more engaging, you can enlist the participation of others so your kid can socialize. Having other people participate can also help your kid find new and more creative ways to rearrange the fruit blocks as he can gather more ideas.

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