Why Wooden Blocks Make Great Toys

Posted on 04 February 2017

Before plastic toys became mainstream in the market, parents and kids used to love the classic wooden toys. Wooden toys are timeless, durable, non-toxic, and encourages real interaction among kids of all ages. 

Among the best wooden toys that you can still find these days are wooden blocks. These wooden blocks come in unique colors and shapes that when combined in different ways, can produce amazing structures like miniature houses and even castles. 

In this article, we would like to share with you why wooden blocks make a good investment for your child's learning and enjoyment. Read on. 

1. Wooden blocks allow kids to express their creativity. 

Let kids develop their artistic learning even when they're not in school. When children are encouraged to be creative, they'll be able to explore several ways to achieve an amazing outcome. Every child's success depends on his ability to innovate and think outside the box. Giving your kid wooden blocks to play with encourages him to do just that. 

Instead of telling your child how to create a certain structure out of the wooden blocks, give him freedom to experiment. At this point, it is important not to set a criteria of what is right or wrong. Kids should be able to innovate! 

2. Wooden blocks encourage kids to use their imagination. 

Because these classic wooden toys do not require any batteries or include very specific instructions, boys and girls have the freedom to build anything that comes to mind. Today, they can create castles out of the blocks. Tomorrow, they can build tiny houses. Kids can also practice their counting skills and role playing. There are tons of possibilities to explore.

According to Kathyeugster.com, one of the ways to let children use their imagination is to offer them small toys to play with (such as wooden blocks) and a clean play area where they can move around. 

3. Wooden blocks let kids engage in active play. 

Young boys and girls need to exercise their arms and hands by moving around. Physical activity is essential for the proper development of muscles and brain in kids. Exercising by means of playing can also keep kids happy. 

Using these wooden blocks, children will also be able to use their hands and fingers. This allows for the development of their fine motor skills. For preschoolers, structured physical activity should be done for at least 60 minutes. 

4. Wooden blocks facilitate concentration. 

Unlike modern toys that feature distracting sounds, wooden blocks are designed to help your child concentrate. As there is nothing else competing for his attention, he will be able to create a masterpiece in a safe environment. For creativity to happen, thinking clear is important. 

Successful completion of any task involves focus as a key ingredient. Over-stimulation happens to be among the reasons why some children have difficulty getting something done. 

Tips for a Satisfying Playtime with Wooden Blocks

Below are some helpful tips to follow when letting your child play with wooden blocks:

  • Supervise the play especially if your child is enjoying the wooden blocks with playmates. 
  • To maximize the experience, let your child identify particular shapes and positions. 
  • Encourage your kid to clean up when play time ends. 
  • Ask your child about his finished artwork so he can explain what his masterpiece is about and why he chose to create it. 


Wooden toys are rare these days yet they provide immense value. They help kids explore their options, concentrate, exercise, and be as creative as they can be. When children grow up, they can still play with these wooden toys and achieve more complex designs. As a parent, you need to show support to maximize the playing experience. 

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