Top 5 Best Craft Activities That Strengthen the Bond Between Older and Younger Siblings

Posted on 14 October 2016


It cannot be denied that siblings, especially those in opposite age groups, get involved in all sorts of fights. This is one of the many challenges that parents face. Nevertheless, having children is the most beautiful thing that can happen to parents. 

As a mom or dad, you know that sometimes difficult situations can be beyond your control. But the good news is, there are several craft activities for your children to get involved in that will help them love each other's company. 

The reason why craft time works is that it channels your kids' energies into activities that require creativity, focus, and teamwork. 

If craft time can strengthen the bond between you and your child, it can do the same thing for your kids! These craft activities are fun and really easy to do. Most of all, they're very affordable. 

1. Collage Making

Whether its a family photo collage or beautiful objects such as fishes or trees, creating a collage has many benefits for your children. Collage making allows them to express their feelings and reduce their anxiety levels. It has been considered a form of "expressive art," helping siblings feel happy and satisfied. 

Older sisters/brothers and younger siblings do not need to be experts at collages. They are totally free to create whatever images they wish depending on the stories they want to tell.

The materials that are used for this great activity are readily available: clippings from newspapers or magazines, glue, scissors, pencil, and paper. 

 2. Clay Art

Clay art plays an important role in your children's development. The act of molding clay itself enables kids to use their senses. This is mostly appreciated when they press, poke, and roll the clay into various shapes.

But more than that, clay art helps older and younger siblings plan and solve problems together. For example, an older brother may suggest making a rabbit's head larger or a dog's tail longer, depending on the outcomes. A younger sibling can also suggest the best color for the clay to be used to build a miniature house. 

Older brothers/sisters can lead their younger siblings' by inspiring them to explore their creative thoughts. While molding the clay, they can also ask interesting questions like, "Can you tell me what animal this is?" or "How many legs should this spider have?"

3.  Chalkboard Drawing

You may think of chalkboard drawing as a bit old-fashioned - but yes, it really is! Nevertheless, this fun and colorful activity helps siblings of different age groups really bond together. How? Since most older children now are hooked with technology, chalk allows them to detach and enjoy drawing outdoors. They can doodle fun pictures on outdoor surfaces.

Chalkboard drawing also allows both siblings to play hopscotch and explore their senses. Many other games can be invented as well. What makes chalk great as a tool for sibling bonding is that it's easy to erase. You can wash surfaces clean with water. 

4. Watercolor Painting 

Watercolor painting gives siblings a fantastic experience to bond. If this activity involves a "paint by number" book, an older sibling can guide his or her younger sibling in picking the appropriate color for painting the different parts of the image. 

5. Puzzle Games

Providing your children with puzzle games to play with facilitates problem solving together. Puzzle games also help older and younger siblings enhance their memory and understanding as well as their ability to focus. 

Though some kids play puzzle games on their own, the experience can be more rewarding and stimulating when played between brothers and sisters. They will be able to appreciate the beauty of teamwork as the image of the puzzle unfolds until everything gets completed. 

Final Thoughts

Siblings can get along pretty well when allowed to do a fun craft together. Craft time can last for as long as they want. Remember to always offer them praise and support! :) 

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