The Benefits of 3D Puzzles for Kids

Posted on 27 November 2016

Playing jigsaw puzzles is just one of the many recreational activities kids are enjoying from one generation to another. It could be the reason why there is a non stop reproduction and innovation of these mind boggling, guilty pleasures that even adults are also fond of, making it as a good past time to spend with their kids or siblings. In some older days, puzzles were just actually made up of card boards with a big picture and cut into angles and pieces.

Nowadays, manufacturers are updating them with not just one picture of the puzzle but two or three; not just with one cartoon character, but rather a whole cast of it as well. The complexity of it as they innovate is a challenge for a child's very simple mindset.

Problem Solving Skills and Reasoning

Puzzles are indeed very puzzling that it is a very good exercise for a child's brain. In fact a child's brain is a candid place for simulating a simple problem for him to solve with and see how far he can go to go through it. Kids will mostly develop the process of elimination or deduction to the last idea given to solve the puzzle. Giving them this recreational tool does not only make us parents do our own household chores but also training their minds someday in case how they can fix that faucet with only one tool left or how to deal with your unreasonable neighbors with their sanitation issues lurking in your own backyard.


Kids are very proactive individuals if given the right tools to learn and motivation. Once given with a toy or any particular learning tool, they will keep on playing with it until they come satisfied and switch to something new.

However, whenever they got hooked up with a Beauty and the Beast Jigsaw Puzzle, will there be another chance that they will be drawing or coloring pictures that are similar in nature? Yes. They might start asking for a pen or any coloring materials that will go with the picture in the puzzle and create their own images out of it.

Improve Eye-coordination Among Children

It is like teaching your child mentally how to do mix and match or synchronize the small puzzles to fit into small spaces and vice versa. Most parents start off with something smaller and then go for oversized puzzles that come into 500 pieces after one another.

Moreover, you are also helping your child from identifying shapes and sizes apart from reading them from a book which comes at a later part of their development.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Admit it, nothing feels like a triumph when you were also able to complete a puzzle when you were a kid for the first time! As others may be more sensitive or reluctant to finish solving a puzzle, encouraging them and guiding them is a big factor of not giving up when the difficulty to finish it arises. Let them learn techniques through it and sooner they will realize how rewarding it is to keep on going and not quitting solving the puzzle.

Final Thoughts

Solving either basic or 3D jigsaw puzzles has become a real social activity that parents may sometimes ignore for their child. But puzzles but go beyond providing good benefits for their child's growth as well.

Children may not be able to understand totally the good things they get from it right now  but eventually they will be possessing much of the skills they have acquired in playing these puzzles that can be applied to their day to day engagements as they grow up.

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