The Art of Jewelry Making for Kids

Posted on 27 December 2016

Kids love to get involved in arts and crafts. In fact there are a lot of reasons why you should encourage children to start as young as they are to spark their inner, genuine creativity. Among the many crafts that have been introduced safely for kids, jewelry making is also making its way up not only for the adults but for the young ones as well.

Little girls, most especially, are drawn to the jewelries and accessories their moms would wear with their outfit. If your little ones have shown interest in these, or haven't started one yet, you can introduce making accessories or beads as another fun, unique activity to them, something that will make them fill in a whole day on one rainy Saturday at home.

Aside from the fact that it is really one colorful activity to do, this past time has its own benefits for your child as well.

Defines Visual/Cognitive Skills

To be honest, making accessories or jewelries is one meticulous thing to do. Kids will be trained to identify what shapes and colors to mix and match to create a perfect bracelet or even just a simple necklace. However, there is really no need to press them with so much time in making these handmade accessories since they are still on a good start of getting to know the right tools that come with the right sizes of the beads.

Threading beads onto the strings require the kids' hand and eye coordination, thus teaching them to be more focused on the task they want to finish. By asking what style of bracelet does the child want to make, what pattern they prefer to follow, where are the materials needed for this activity to what color should they combine together, the child develops his/her planning and organizing skills already.

Good for the Health

Kids' minds are actively engaged as they combine different elements and turn them into beautiful pieces. It is in fact therapeutic because they are drawn to something else more different, more creative and colorful to create something out of just small things. This is another set of productivity added to their list that they can enjoy in a positive, healthier way.

Nowadays, there is this rising demands of kids wanting to play on their gadgets that actually impedes actual learning. They are not made just to sit, stare flatly on a screen. They have to move those little fingers naturally, increase their strength and expand their visual memories as well.

Enhances Social Skills

Whatever art works kids have, it is always more fun to have them shared it with the other kids. It only doesn't make them create new friends but values such as sharing ideas and cooperation as well.

Spark as a Hobby

Who knows one day your kids will be using their skills in this craft at one point and realize that they are better at it. Anything can spark as an inspiration and eventually turn into a hobby in crafting. Your kids might have enjoyed the touch of the beads and all its other cute accessories that they can personalize them as presents for loved ones and friends.

As a Medium of Expression

It is in choosing the right colors and shapes that kids are able to express themselves freely and choose what to do with the limited resources they have. For children who are shy and reserved, parents should have more reason to take their kids out from their shell an let them explore in this colorful activity.

Perhaps, this will give them ideas how their kids are doing in a given set of activity.

Final Thoughts

In the end, this type of art and craft should just be more FUN! Introducing crafting such as jewelry making or beading is like a 180 degree challenge for the parents if they want to keep their child to grow more productive and creative!

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