Teaching Kids About Colors and Shapes

Posted on 18 November 2016

Parents are asking about when to teach kids basic lessons even before they start going to school. This blog post will provide you with what you need to know when it comes to helping your child discover colors and shapes. 

Teaching Kids Colors

Kids can be taught about different colors at a very young age. Most parents let their kids learn as early as 3 years old. Remember that in teaching colors to your child, you should use a variety of examples. 

For example, you must let your child understand that blue can be the color of a man's shirt, the sky or the sea and red can be the color of a rose or an apple. Kids should also be taught that a color has no definite shape and texture. Show your child several examples using pictures or real objects until he gets the idea. 

First of all, you should emphasize basic colors. This includes the following: Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, and White. Teach a color one at a time to prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed. You can set aside one week for Yellow, the next week for Red, and so on. 

Teaching Kids Shapes

Like colors, shapes can be taught to kids as early as early as 2 or 3 years old. When he reaches 4, he should be able to identify as many shapes as he can. Again, start with the basic shapes: square, triangle, circle, and rectangle. Make sure your child is able to be familiar with these before proceeding to more advanced ones: diamond, start, oval, and heart. 

Ensure that your child is able to identify a particular shape by associating the shape with several objects or pictures as examples. During the first week, focus on squares. Next, triangles. Progress slowly. Quick drills and constant practice help kids remember shapes better. 

Genius Art's Learning Puzzles (Colors & Shapes) 

You can enhance your child's learning on colors and shapes by providing him with wonderful puzzles to play with. Below is Genius Art's Colors & Shapes learning puzzle set. Made for kids 3 years old and above, this set features all the shapes and colors kids need to know about. Have this as a quiz or a fun game anytime of the day!  

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