Smart Hacks to Improve Craft Activities for Children

Posted on 21 January 2017

Arts and crafts will always be an important part of every child's development - physical, mental, and social. Any project that involves creativity can cause disorganization and mess but it definitely enhances his potential. 

From creating specially designated art spaces to allowing kids to express themselves, there are tons of methods you can follow to ensure that craft activities remain fun and worthwhile. 

In this blog post, I'll be sharing with you 5 smart tips for a better craft experience for your kid. If you're ready, let's get started!

1. Set-up a large, attractive display area.

Parents usually assign a special wall for their kids to display their finished art projects. Instead of placing a plain and small corkboard, why not make the area huge and artistic? This would be a brilliant way to show support to your child who enjoys completing several paintings or drawings in a day. 

You can have your child paint colorful frames on the wall to complement the aesthetic appeal of his projects. If not, you can add playful wall stickers if you think they look better!

 2. Teach your child some art vocabulary. 

Make craft time an opportunity to educate your child about basic shapes, lines, colors, and names of simple art materials. When teaching shapes and colors, you can use flashcards or the Colors and Shapes puzzle set which we offer here at Genius Art. 

Encourage your child to incorporate his newly learned terms in his everyday language. If you teach a class of toddlers or kindergartens, you can start an exciting game in which you ask your students to organize themselves into simple shapes. 

Another creative way to educate your child about colors is through finger painting. You can even let him mix two colors to produce a new color. For example, green mixed with blue produces red! 

3. Keep your child's art space well-lit. 

Choose an area where sunlight can pass through - preferrably by the window. Aside from helping your child clearly see his artwork, natural light improves concentration, mood, and energy. 

If it's impossible to have natural lighting, you can have an overhead lighting or a desk lamp instead. Artificial light will do for as long as it keeps your child's area well-lit. 

4. Have a storage for your kid's art supplies. 

Kids aren't born organized. As soon as possible, you need to teach them where and how to put things back after using them. The perfect time to teach your child to be organized is when he's about to clean-up after a craft activity. 

Place markers and crayons in a separate container and art papers in another container. If your child can read, make sure to label these containers so your kid can easily locate his materials the next time he's going to work on a art project. 

5. Pick craft activities that are appropriate for your child's capabilities. 

Remember that your child is unique and may learn/attain skills faster or slower than other kids his age. You'll be able to reap the full benefits of every art project if your child knows how to work with it. For example, your child may perform better with painting than jewelry making if he hasn't built his dexterity yet. 

It's important that you provide the support your child needs especially if he expresses a desire for an activity that is quite advanced for his capabilities. Allow him to explore his strengths. Demonstrating to your child how to accomplish a project step-by-step and giving him the freedom to do it (with your guidance) boosts his self-esteem. 


These are only few of the best ways for you to help your kid make the most out of their craft time. No matter what methods you use, always remember to have fun. It's the most important part of any activity that involves creativity.

How about you? Do you have more tips to share? Feel free to leave us a message about your thoughts. 

Happy crafting! :)

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