Safety Tips and Rules in Using Art Materials For More Fun Time

Posted on 05 January 2017

In any fun art activity that kids want to get into, it is always a prime rule to put their safety first. Parents don't want a sad ending at the emergency room after their child swallowed a bunch of playdough, no. Parents just want their kids to enjoy their time learning and playing with less ouch moments.

However, there are times that kids really go out of control especially with less supervision. That's why it is better to set parameters in their own art room spaces to prevent worst things to happen or to prevent causing trouble to other children as well.

Giving and Setting Up Kids' Own Space

Do not just allow your kids to scatter their art materials anywhere they want to. Instead, provide them with enough space or room for their own convenience and to allow them to move by themselves freely without banging or affecting other household furniture.

Art paintings and brushes really don't go well with the walls at home,therefore it would be safer to put the kids someplace they can mess around. Parents can choose to set a material cover for a table designated for art doodling or outpoured paints.

Keep them far away from the kitchen or any too electronically wired areas. Keep their space well ventilated as well for fresh, adequate air.

Choose Products Carefully

Since drawing and painting are common activities for children, art suppliers or providers assume that all art crafts and supplies should be appropriate for children. However, some may still be dangerous if less supervision is given. The following should still be taken note of:

  • Use water based markers or pens, not permanent ones.
  • Provide only what is appropriate for the activity. Avoid mixing up materials that might cause unusual smell or worst, can put up toxic materials or fire.
  • Check on the manufacturing dates and expiration dates. Do not purchase long outstanding stocked items.
  • Avoid solvent containing products like air brushes or spray cans that can stain the skin or clothing - anything that's hardly washed out by water.

Introduce or Put Labels on Art Materials

It is best to give the kids a tour of their art room or introduce them to the art materials they are going to use. It is also necessary to teach them the do's and don'ts before starting an art activity. This is to prevent mishaps or inflicting danger to others and to themselves.

For easier art material identication especially among art paints and coloring tools, go for labelings or color sampling. This will help kids choose the materials they need for their activity.

Orient Kids With Safety Precautions

Orient kids with the safety precautions and create rules that could help them develop healthy habits and routine. Kids can be stubborn sometimes but once they realize the importance of these precautions, they will be able to practice them more often and thus less worry time for the parents or the baby sitters around. 

  • Let the kids practice the good hygiene of washing their hands properly before and after their art time.
  • Allow them to wear aprons or any necessary cover ups to protect them from direct accidents.
  • Let them be aware to handle properly sharp objects like a pair of scissors or pointed brushes.
  • Do not serve them food while doing their art activities. Aside from being so unhygienic, art materials might get mixed with their food and you cannot imagine as a parent how bad it is for their health.
  • Observe kids if they get to put anything on their mouth that is not food related (which commonly happens) or just talk to them right away about keeping everything away from their mouth.
  • Hang decorative safety slogans in their rooms to remind them constantly of their safety and well being.

Teach Kids to Clean Up After

Do not fail to teach this responsibility to your kids after all the fun and learning during their art activities. Show them that tidying up is also a fun and rewarding task. Make it as a part of their healthy routine so that they may do it independently next time with or without your presence.

Cleaning up will also teach them to put things back in order and know where to get their materials next time without you preparing it all the time for them.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, never compromise your kid's safety. It will always be fun to have all these creative art activities among kids but always stay cautious and provide proper orientation not only to them, but also to their baby sitter or older siblings who will be also watching over them for you.

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