Leave The Messy Part of Art To The Kids and You'll Know Why

Posted on 02 December 2016

Every child has its own unique personality and skills that are yet to be discovered. They will miss half of their childhood by not even knowing how to create their own mess or rather fix their own mess. They will never learn that much if they are only taught how to be clean and order at all times. Children must be given that freedom to loosen up and be messy when it comes to playing and creating their own ideas.

One of the things that are totally reliable to get our kids hooked all by themselves is doing anything related to art! Art is anything that is totally organic, so therapeutic that it is the best place of sprouting ideas. Give them puzzles, legos, clays, art papers, colored pens, cardboards and brushes and you will be amazed by how far your kids will go with the benefits of giving them total freedom creating and recreating their own art activities.

A Masterpiece in the Making

Giving them a blank paper with all sorts of art materials is like a photographer holding up his film camera ready to shoot beautiful images right after. You are motivating a child to practice creating what they think and feel. He will also learn to explore and design his work based from his own vision and imagination. Basically, it is like teaching them how to start anything from scratch and do wonderful things out from it.

Spark Their 5 Senses

A kid may still be new to a paint brush or to that playdoh but once you show them how it works, all their senses probably go brighten up. All these senses will work together and help him build his own skills and make his own concept. They will start counting, identifying shapes, matching colors, building little blocks of castle, smelling different flavors, making handprints and reacting to them with giggles and much joy. Now will you replace that with anything else in this world?

It May Improve Their Health

Now is not a good time to keep the kids in their comfort zone and dirt-free space. Exposing them to dirt and the bitsy mess of art making also helps them to build strong immune system that will provide them long term protection. However, instructing them to follow the rules of cleanliness, like washing their hands after doing everything before they grab their sandwiches is always a must.

Builds Independence and Social Skills

Giving a young child more control over the things he holds around while doing his art activities will sooner give you a child with much confidence and self sufficiency. The rewards may take a long while but it will definitely be worth it for him and for you as well. It will develop further to self decision making skills and spatial awareness to do things on their own.

Moreover, if they are with other kids, they will probably be more inclined to share ideas and discover things together. It might be messier if kids go together but letting your child grow with his friends with good social skills will again, reap you rewards in the long run.

Instills Discipline

Once you leave a child to work on his own space and pace, he will also be trained to do things which are limited to his resources. He will make the most out of it and will probably make the best from it. His spontaneity must be vast but he knows he will be just working on the things according to his vision and goal. Talking about goal setting at this part, but yes, it will train him to do it. When he knows he is done, and if properly guided, he will figure out that after the artsy, clumsy mess he did, he has to pick everything up and keep things tidy.

Offer a reward by then if he maintains a good record of cleaning up everything. Most of all, show up that creation of art on his room or at the fridge's door to remind him that he did an awesome job!

Final Thoughts

By now you must be thinking to enroll your kids to an art class during summer! It will definitely be worth their time and advantage on their developmental growth. Let them start young, explore and discover art in their own ways!

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