How to Teach Your Kids to Have a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Posted on 17 December 2016

Children especially at a very young age are very much picky with the food they eat. In fact, this is one of the most difficult tasks parents would take if they want to make sure that their kids  are getting the right amount of vitamins and energy from the kind of food they put on the table. But apart from preparing them all sorts of dishes they need to eat, they must also be training them already on the choices of food to take in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they will be growing up.

Children often mimic their parents' behaviors, so it is important that you serve as a good model if you teach your kids the right food to eat to maintain a healthy weight and a normal growth. If you have two or three who have different eating habits, you have to make a constant effort to let them all meet in between and if their personal health backgrounds allow them to.

Allow your kids with these fun ideas in choosing a healthy living as early as now.

1. Grocery Shopping Together!

It may sound ridiculous but if you got all the time for a day, take your kids with you when you go to the grocery. You can even let them have their own carts. Some grocery stores have small carts for toddlers that will make them feel they are shopping all by themselves! The key here is to show them around what type of food does momma buy for them.

All eyes might be ooohs and aaahs for the sweets but this is where you will be starting to tame or discipline them not to give in to everything they want to eat. Show them around the veggies and fruits sections and anything organic. Let them pick their own favorite fruit or explore a new one. If possible, avoid the processed food sections.

2. Let Kids Help in the Kitchen

Encourage your kids to help them with you in the kitchen. From stocking up those items from the grocery store to your storage room, their eyes will be trained to observe the kind of food you buy. They will be more interested if you allow them to see you how you cooked your meals or grind that green juice they've been craving after nap time!

Have them beside you on a stool if you want them to do the blending of the ingredients or just letting them identify one by one the nutritious veggies you are about to cook.

However, always keep safety precautions when you are with them in the kitchen.

3. Make a Schedule

Kids need to eat four to five times a day: three meals, two snacks and a lot of fluids. Always practice them to drink enough water or real juice. If this is well planned, your child will maintain a balanced diet and be less cranky about asking food all the time. It is also best for their skin and immune system when they hydrate enough for their very hyper, daily activities.

When you are out with your kids, set a specific food to bring with you. Do not rely on buying and eating from the fast food chain. You can take with you sandwiches and yogurts and lots of water. There should a be specific time of day on when they are about to take their snacks so that it will not overlap on the next meal, you will end up spoiling their appetite!

4. Make Meal Time a Special Time

Don't train your kids to skip their meals and most especially their breakfast. Make morning meals count. Sneak in that high fiber cereal for a good kick start to their day. At lunch time, let them feel that they are excited for it even if they are at school by packing up meals that will last them throughout the day.

Plan dinners as this should be the most relaxing part of the meal where everyone sits calmly at the end of the day. You can assign each tasks to your kids to set the table. Candles aren't just for dining and dating - they set calm ambience for the meal and will show the kids that every meal time is special.

5. Keep it Organic

Organic green juice, organic pasta, look them all up in every recipe or cook book. Tell your kids the benefits they get from it, and I mean a whole lot of benefits! The more they see you taking non preservative food, the more they will appreciate the fact this type of lifestyle habit is good for them as well.

Just see to it what suits best to your kids and you will thank yourself someday for introducing organic food to them. As the mantra shows "Don't panic, it's organic!"
Do not indulge them on fast food chains. Take them instead to the nearest farmer's market in your place!

6. Be Creative and Introduce New Food Slowly

Cook one meal at a time. It doesn't mean that being creative here is to cook a lot of food for one lunch sitting. No. Allow them time to appreciate what you are cooking and see if it suits their appetite as well.

Only a few can take in much veggies in their system. If you want your kids to start them eating with less difficulty, be creative with dips! Go for salad dressings, yogurt or balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle some brown sugar if they find it too odd to eat their carrots alone. They will eventually outgrow the extra sweetness, but in the meantime, it's fruits and vegetables they are eating anyway.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, everything a parent can do to their kids are a matter of trial and error as long as it ends up suiting whats best for them. Allow treats only when necessary and as long as you balance these times with smart food choices and physical activities, your kids will be fine.

More importantly, your kids will be observing and following all your eating habits and practices that you have to be up keep with your own healthy lifestyle as well.

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