Teaching Kids to Tell Time in a Creative Way

Posted on 05 November 2016

Aside from English, Mathematics and other basic topics in school, telling time is one important thing that kids should learn as early as possible. A crucial part of telling time is being able to identify it in an analog clock rather than a digital clock. There's a huge difference between simply identifying digits and teaching a child that the long hand is for the minute while the short hand is for the hour.  

According to Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, a psychologist and author, it is common for preschoolers to have a limited concept of time because they tend to live in the moment. However, you can introduce the concept of time to your child slowly and in a creative way until he is fully ready. 

Knowing what time it is is crucial for a child's lifelong learning. When mastered, kids are able to make estimations in day-to-day situations. They'll value the importance of being productive, prompt, and following schedules. 

So how do you teach kids about time in an easy way? Read on...

In teaching kids to tell time, be visual.  

This means you should use a creative visual aid such as a creative analog clock. When you use an analog clock to demonstrate time to your child, it would be best to associate it with specific situations. For example, when it's dinner time, show your child the clock and tell him that when the long hand reaches 12 and the short hand reaches 6, he should be at the dining table. 

Here at Genius Art, we offer a Do-It-Yourself Painting Clock for kids. Crafted for children 3 years and above, this kit does not only help kids learn time, they'll also enjoy painting it with the colors he likes. Now, learning to tell the time is more fun! 

The DIY Painting Clock comes in 3 unique designs: 

1. Dinosaur 

2. Steamship

3. Plane 

By the way, there's a FREE timetable included in this DIY Painting Clock kit. You don't need to buy additional materials or supplies because everything is already included. 

An additional tip for you when letting your child learn about time using this kit is to test him randomly. Make sure to encourage your child and give him praise for his accomplishment! Reinforce telling time everyday. Once he is able to master identifying time, congratulations... You have just taught your child a very important lesson! 

Finally, if you would like to check out our special DIY Clock Painting kit, please click the button below. 

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