How to Get Your Kids to Clean up After a Fun Play and Its Importance

Posted on 08 December 2016

To train your kids to clean up their toys after a joyful play time is different from just telling them to do it. To train them is to make a constant observation and follow throughs if they are actually doing their job even without reprimanding them from time to time.

However, you really don't have to be that stiff to train them or yell at them all the time to put away their toys. In fact, it should also be as fun as how they played altogether an hour ago.

The few are the following tips (and tricks) to get your kids maintain the routine of cleaning up after their play:

1. Create Friendly Storage Boxes for the Toys

Nothing looks better than putting up friendly, easy to reach storage boxes for their toys. It will also be helpful if these storage boxes are categorize according to its size or type. Like for example, legos can be all put in one box while shopkin dolls can be stored on the other side. You can have DIYs on these storage boxes to show them sample images on which box to put such toys back. 

Or just give them the freedom away to put them back piece by piece, slowly.

2. Don't Make it in Bulks

Give little instructions one by one. A child can only take up word by word. Work with them for the first or second time while giving them instructions. It must be as healthy as if they were playing for they will be adapting to their listening skills this time and on.

Give them a specific cleaning tool such as wipes or dust pans so that they will also know which part exactly they are going to clean up.

3. Make it as a Game (With Music)

Don't miss out playing a favorite music of the kids while you want them to clean up their toys. It is a mood enhancer when little girls hear their favorite Walt Disney beats.

Moreover, keep it simple as a game, like you they would be racing against each other on who will finish first in keeping their toys cleaned up!

4. Reward Them 

Definitely with all the games (or tricks) played on and when they have successfully fulfilled their tidying up, give them little treats. Praise them for a job well done until they realize how important it really is to do the routine after playing.

Make it a habit not to reward things all the time that would be easily consummated. It could be who's turn first to read their favorite story books at night. Make rewards more recreational and ones that multiply another learning level for the kids.

Final Thoughts

So let this be a mantra to the parents that you should not be picking up all the time the toys of your kids. It doesn't mean that you're leaving the chores to them by now, but it's because you don't want them to grow like irresponsible brats who just leave their mess to any one else. It's better to start them young, instilling that sense of discipline and responsibility in tidying up their own space after the play.

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