How Kids Can Maximize Their Painting Experience

Posted on 17 December 2016

Painting in any sort of way and medium is really fun for the kids. It sparks their excitement and imagination. It's best to let them be in control with this kind of past time or activity regardless of the mess they will be making out of it.

It is such a wonderful learning experience for them to explore and express themselves. Moreover, it's good to be a part of it and see how they can finish their art work all by themselves. The following are the tips and techniques on how they can fully maximize their creativity on this fun filled activity.

1. Introduce Them the Appropriate Painting Tools

It's good to teach them first hand with the basics. They must know which paint brush to use and how much they apply to it. Make use of the simplest words for easier understanding and recalling. Remember that teaching them how to do painting or art must just be for fun to let them do the rest of the creativity after.

2. Paint With Them

Take some time off from a busy day and join in the fun with your kids. Let them feel that you are also interested to share this creative experience with them. Be creative on how to set your time with them. It is a bonus if you yourself are very much inclined with this activity that it will only look like you are enjoying it as much as your kids.

3. Let Them Paint With Other Kids

Don't shy them away from other kids. Enroll them in an art class to maximize their full potential and gain friends as well! Kids will be taught to share ideas and how to start working well with others at their age. You'll also be surprised by how their artworks will come out if their ideas and effort were put all together.

4. Introduce Other Mediums of Painting

There are countless ways on how to do this activity, whether indoor or outdoor, depends also with the tools you have at hand. But if you intend to enhance a particular technique for your kids, then you may do so. The following are different art painting ideas that your kids can explore with from time to time:

  • Finger Painting
  • Body Tracing
  • Splatter Painting
  • Water Color Painting
  • Painting With Toy Balls
  • Painting With Christmas Ornaments
  • Painting in a Bottle

5. Take Your Kids to an Art Gallery

Let them see other works of art especially from the works done by the greatest artists and painters in your local place and even in history. It is like hitting two birds with one stone once you get to take them to an art museum or gallery showcasing possible artistic inspirations and creations.

6. Show Off Their Work of Art

Don't forget to appreciate and acknowledge your kid's work. That smile they have in their faces whenever their little accomplishments are known and rewarded, they will be more motivated to do a lot better than what they have just started. Post their beautiful work of art in their bedroom walls or the commonly used wall in your fridge!

7. Keep an Open Mind

Don't be making a lot of rules, let the kids' creativity flow. It is a fun filled activity, they should just have a lot of fun exploring. Ask them if they got anything else in need but let them practice to be resourceful to the things they have around them.

Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, everyone is an artist, but it is just a matter of how long can we keep ourselves to become an artist forever. Don't let this innate capability fade away from the kids. It is always better and preferable to start them young. We don't know how far else they can go once we ignite their artistic capabilities as early as now. Spoil them with the beautiful world of art and they will express themselves in their most unique way once they have mastered it.

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