Easy Steps on How to Do Sand Art Painting

Posted on 14 October 2016

Sand art painting is one of the most popular craft activities that spark the creativity and imagination of kids. Children ages 3 and above often do this fun, developmental craft during their art classes or craft time at home. Adults find sand art painting delightful too! In fact, some parents involve themselves in the process. 

Genius Art offers you and your child the opportunity to enjoy sand art with its Sand Art Painting kit. 

In this special blog post, we will be showing you how you can complete a sand art painting using the kit. 

By the way, this kit includes the following:

  • 1 peeling stick
  • 1 mess prevent tray 
  • 4 paper frames for finished art work
  • 4 sand art painting cards
  • 4 poly bags
  • 12 bottles of colored sand

4 Easy to Follow Steps When Using the Sand Art Painting Kit

Step 1:

Take out the mess prevent tray. Your child will need this special tray while he paints the images with the colored sand. This tray saves excess sand from falling to the floor, allowing the extra sand to be reused at a later time. 

Step 2:

Take off the sticker that covers the design on the painting card. Help your child in carefully peeling it off by showing him first how to do it. The exposed portion reveals the design to be colored. This surface is sticky and actually serves as the adhesive surface for the sand to stick on.

Step 3: 

Let your child pick from the 12 bottles of colored sand. He can fill out the design depending on the colors of his choice. 

Step 4: 

If some colored sand go beyond the edges of a design, carefully tap the edge of the painting card against the surface of the mess prevent tray to collect the excess sand. Again, the excess sand can be saved for future use.  

Benefits of the Sand Art Painting Kit 

Here are some of the benefits your child can get when using Genius Art's Sand Art Painting kit: 

1. Improves concentration and determination. 

This Sand Art Painting kit enables your child to work with something that needs concentration in order to get amazing results. Because this toy features fun images to color, your child will feel compelled to continue coloring until it gets done.

If your child easily gets distracted and is having difficulty retaining his attention, this Sand Art Painting kit will provide an end goal that your child needs to meet. And this goal is to be able to successfully color every space and corner of the image to produce a beautiful masterpiece. 

 2. Develops your child's creativity and relieves his stress. 

Working similar to a coloring book, this Sand Art Painting kit can immerse your child in a creative experience where he can pick the colors he wishes to use. Moreover, he can create a story out of the 4 unique designs found in the kit. 

If your child is undergoing pressure now from school or other personal matters, consider this Sand Art Painting as one of the best stress reliever toys having a similar effect to using anti-depressants and other brain medications. This explains why there is such a thing called “art therapy.”

3. Promotes language development.

Whether you’re a stay at home parent or a school teacher, you can use this developmental craft kit for children in groups to facilitate socialization. In socialization, children make use of their listening and speaking skills.

They'll be able to share their Sand Art Painting projects with one another and admire each other’s work. When this happens, they are able to practice their language skills and enhance their vocabulary.

We hope that you've enjoyed this easy how-to guide on making a sand art painting using Genius Art's Sand Art Painting kit!

Buy the Sand Art Painting kit here:

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