DIY T-Shirt Painting for Kids: Tips on How to Paint T-Shirts with Their Very Own Designs

Posted on 24 October 2016

Kids can get more creative by designing their own T-shirts. Regardless of the occasion or season, whether it's a party for kids or Christmas time, T-shirt painting can really be a worthwhile activity. And by the way, adults can also join in the fun!

Here are some of the best reasons why t-shirt painting is a must-do activity for kids:

  • Kids will love using the t-shirts with their very own favorite designs.
  • T-shirt painting is not just fun, it's an easy thing to do given the right materials (We offer t-shirt painting kits that anyone can afford!)
  • Like any craft activity, t-shirt painting improves your child's self-esteem and motor coordination.
  • When done together with family or friends, t-shirt painting can help people bond. 

Genius Art's DIY T-Shirt Painting Kit

So here's Genius-Art's DIY T-Shirt Painting kit. With this kit, you won't need to use a machine or additional materials because everything is provided right here. Made for kids ages 6 years old and above, this kit features the following materials:

  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 paintbrush
  • 1 glitter glue 
  • 1 manual
  • 1 paint box palette (with unique colors)
  • 1 set of beads 
  • 1 stencil
  • 1 set of decorations

5 Tips for Painting the T-Shirt

Now, kids are ready to bring out their inner artists by using this t-shirt painting kit. Below are easy-to-follow steps to help kids optimize this craft experience.

1. Prepare the t-shirt and place it on a clean, flat surface.

2. Kids should first use the stencil and pencil to outline the shapes they like for the t-shirt. Notice that the stencil has pre-designed fun shapes that come in various sizes. If kids want to draw their very own unique designs, they can do so! 

3. Take out the paint box palette and paintbrush. Start painting the outlined design on the shirt.

4. Allow the t-shirt to dry. 

5. Add the final touches. Use the glitter glue, decorations, and beads to accomplish this. 

There, the t-shirt is done and ready for wearing and showing off to friends and family! Children and grown ups can have the shirts the love this way, instead of availing a t-shirt designing service that would cost more. 

If you would like to try out Genius Art's T-Shirt Painting kit, start ordering now by clicking the button below. There's no limit to what you and your child's imagination can accomplish! 

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