DIY Paper Crafts Ideas: How to Make Handmade Greeting Cards (And Save Money)

Posted on 04 October 2016

There is always something about handmade gifts that make them truly appreciated. With today's fast-paced world, everything seems to be made instant. Handmade products are rare and special these days. 

It truly means a lot when your family and friends receive handmade cards from you. Whether they're Thank You or Get Well Soon cards, these things are definitely way special than a Facebook message, an email, or a $3 card bought from the local stationary store. 

A handmade card is a work of art, a priceless thing that is difficult to throw away even when years pass. Each card emanates the effort and love that is invested in the process of making it. 

When you teach kids how to make handmade cards, this does not only bring joy to their recipients - it also helps these children save money in the long run. 

This blog post features simple steps on creating fancy, beautiful handcrafted cards for any occasion that spell w-o-w. 

 Materials You Will Need

  • Card stock, art paper, or bond paper (Size and color of your choice)
  • Layering pieces or embellishments
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Colored pens or pencils

3 Easy-To-Follow Steps For Making Handcrafted Cards

1. Choose a blank paper for your card base. 

This blank paper can either be a card stock, art paper, or bond paper. The size and color does not matter. The most essential thing is that kids will be able to pick something that reflects their own artistic side and matches the occasion.

If the paper is too big, it may be adjusted depending on the preferred size using a ruler (to measure the paper) and a pair of scissors.

2. Paste the layering pieces or embellishments to the card base.


Layering pieces can be used alone or together with embellishments. These elements add more style and life to the card base. 

Honestly, this step can be a bit confusing yet really fun for kids since there are plenty of options to choose from. There are dozens of overlays that come in amazing designs these days.

They can come in the shape of flowers, hearts, buttons, butterflies, sea shells, cars, and more! There are even pre-made tags and alphabet letters available. Girls will surely love rhinestones and pearls as embellishments too. 

Just in case these ready made layering pieces or embellishments are unavailable, an alternative and cheaper option would be to use an art paper with a contrasting color. Cut this paper into the shape of your choosing before pasting it onto the card base. 

3. Write down the message.

This final step should never be taken for granted. Any special message can be written using a colored pencil or pen. Whether the message is long or short, what matters most is that it resonates from the heart! 

Final Thoughts

Kids as young as first graders can make amazing crafts such as these lovely all-occasion greeting cards. This activity does not require much parental supervision because it is easy to do and encourages children to use their imagination. 

Creating handmade cards do not consume a lot of time. However, if your child desires to make something really special and artistic out of many embellishments, this may take up to 30 minutes to an hour at most. 

Stay tuned for more of our DIY tutorials and creative ideas. Thank you for taking time to read this blog post! :)

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