Caring for Toddlers: Top Hacks to Make Parenting Fun and Easy

Posted on 18 February 2017

Being a parent is fun and rewarding. You get to create a special bond with your little one which is simply a priceless experience. But no matter how worthwhile parenthood can be, you can't be immune to stress - especially if you have a toddler. At times, toddlers can have extreme, uncontrollable tantrums. They also create a lot of mess - from spilled ice cream to food throwing to peanut butter stains on your carpet.

Don't take all of these personally. Your child's habits are part of his growing up. Toddlers are discovering their surroundings and their healthy curiosity can sometimes be misinterpreted by parents as bad behavior. Consider this stage normal! As a parent, your job is to set some limits creatively while allowing your toddler to grow in a supportive environment. 

Below are the 7 best parenting hacks to make you and your child's life much easier, stress-free, and enjoyable! Check them out. 

1. Let your toddler pick his own clothes from a special closet you prepared. 

Your toddler is slowly building his independence and this makes him prone to having wardrobe tantrums. If you often find yourself arguing with your child about what he should wear, allow him to pick his own clothing. To ensure that he wears appropriate clothes regardless of his choice, set aside a mini wardrobe where you place a selection of his clothes. Let him pick from that wardrobe! 

2. Place a soft, protective baby shower cap on your toddler's head to prevent water from getting into his eyes while bathing. 

Some kids scream when their hair gets washed during bath time. Moreover, soap and shampoo can accidentally enter their eyes and cause irritation. These soft and colorful shower caps with ear covers might just be your solution to the problem. Your toddler will definitely love these!

3. Sing the "clean up" song. 

Picking up your toddler's toys five to ten times a day can be tiresome. Get your child to realize the importance of cleaning up after himself during play time by singing your very own "clean up" song. You can create a tune and sing, "It's clean up time! (Your kid's name) is helping me pick up the (Name of toy)." Make sure you point in the direction of the toy. Repeat the phrase until all the toys are cleared up. 

4. Stick a self-adhesive plastic hook to hang your kid's bibs behind his high chair. 

If you're a first-time mom, perhaps one of your most dreaded times of the day is when you are feeding your toddler at the dining table. Kids can throw and smash food. Plus, you have to wipe his mouth every time. To make sure you have that bib ready before feeding time starts, you can stick a plastic hook at the back of his high chair for hanging his set of bibs. So whenever you need an extra hand, you know where to find the next bib to use. 

5. Keep your toddler's hands clean by using a muffin cup for melting ice cream popsicle. 

Kids love ice cream popsicles as treats. They're perfect to beat the summer heat. But these can cause a lot of mess. Frozen popsicles melt into your toddler's hands and can spill on your carpet. Instead of having you wipe his hands and clean carpet stains every time, better use a paper muffin cup. Simply cut a hole in the center of the base of the cup and slide it into the popsicle. 

6. Use an old box as your child's canvas. 

As your child reaches 18 months old, he will be starting to develop his creativity through scribbling and drawing. No wonder toddlers love to write on walls using their crayons! Understand that this activity is necessary to boost your toddler's confidence. You need to support his drawing tendencies and avoid scribbled walls at the same time by offering him an old pizza box or any box to draw on. Supervise your child. Provide praise!

7. Make your toddler excited for bedtime using his favorite cartoon character beddings. 

Are you having bedtime battles with your little one? Toddlers can be hyperactive at times that they don't feel like going to bed even if it's past 10 in the evening. Putting a non-sleeper to sleep can be very challenging. Aside from having bedtime routines like a soothing lullaby or bedtime story, using colorful beddings that feature his favorite cartoon character can do the trick. 


Toddlerhood is truly a unique experience for parents. Caring for a 3-year old kid is way different from caring for kids who belong to older age groups. It's important to realize the benefits of your child's activities for his growth and developmental needs. Practice patience and appreciate his accomplishments while using smart tricks to prevent you from experiencing unnecessary stress as well. We hope these simple hacks have helped!

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