Best Ceramic Painting Tips for Kids

Posted on 13 January 2017

Another amazing way to showcase your kids' creativity in art is to get him or her into ceramic painting! If you're the type of a parent who's willing to have your old pots or dull vases a revamp, you can leave the colorful do to your kids who get so excited everytime you give them something artsy to work on to. You can also go shop for the ones we offer here at Genius Art - all ceramic kits are complete with painting materials and instructions.

However, as clumsy as kids are, certain rules and tips should be known to parents and to kids as well for a much creative and safer ceramic painting activity. Kids should be able to enjoy this and get to learn another way on how to express themselves in an artistic way.

Lay Down the Rules

Always remind your kids to be cautious in handling their art supplies and most importantly, the ceramic or the main object for decorating itself.  It is important to take caution on these breakable objects and to put them on the safest area of their working table once finished.

It is appropriate to give them enough space and light to do their own work. Once parents have oriented and supervised their kids on this part, they can now start on their own and let them paint all they want. 

Show Kids Some Samples to Spark Creativity

Apart from choosing the right paint brushes, paints and ceramics, kids will be more inspired if they see finished outputs. It is easy to spot them on a product sample if you decide to purchase a DIY ceramic painting kit here at Genius Art. 

Our ceramic painting kits have all the materials your child needs to produce a wow-worthy finished product. We have several unique designs your child can choose from like Cow Flower Pot, House Candle Holder, Mold and Paint Cupcake, and Owl Candle Holder. 

Teach Kids Personally Like How You Would Do Your Own Ceramic Painting

In this case, you are free to give instructions to your kids like how they would draw or doodle as they would do with a colored marker or an acrylic paint (a plastic-based paint that won’t wash out of clothes, but also won’t flake off of a ceramic object.)

Remember that there's no right or wrong way for your kid to do this activity. He or she can choose whatever color or design that will match his or her personal preference. 

It is also productive moment for you and your kids since you will be bonding most of the time talking about simple but creative ways to master the activity, from preparing to the drying methods of their work. Both of you can search for designs and patterns that will work well with your ceramic object. You can also teach them to personalize their work by letting them paint or draw their names on it.

Final Thoughts 

Kids will never go bored in doing this activity. Art, after all is never boring. It continuously drives people to be more creative, even adults more. Ceramic painting is a must try for kids if parents want them to be put down a little bit and master their artistic side.

Their finish output will remind them of how creative they can be. It can serve as presents to their friends, classmate and teachers or just souvenirs of their art works. Fun is always around the corner with ceramic painting!

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