8 Fun and Educational Activities Every Child Must Try

Posted on 31 March 2017

Children grow up too soon. The next thing you know, your kid's going to head off to college. As a parent, it's important to make every day of your child's life count. Their childhood experiences will mold them into responsible, knowledgeable, and trustworthy adults. As early as now, create memories that your child will treasure for a lifetime. Below are some fun yet learning-filled activities kids shouldn't miss.

1. Cooking

Getting your kids involved in food preparation is a great opportunity to make delightful memories with them. It is an influential learning experience as you are not just teaching your child to know how to cook, but also helping him appreciate the task itself. Another reason why cooking is rewarding is that kids get to "taste" the outcome. 

2. Camping for Survival

The best way to impart the wonders of nature to your children is by letting them experience nature in its purest state. Let your child appreciate terrain hiking, eating roasted marshmallows, and setting up the tent as you stargaze.

Camping activity is refreshing because it entails taking a break from the usual comforts of your home. It's also a memorable way to bond with your kids. When you camp outdoors, you also get to teach your children the importance of survival skills. 

3. Home Gardening

A great way to spark your child's curiosity about the world around him is to allow him to play in the dirt. Why not venture into home gardening? Use home gardening as an opportunity for your child to take care of nature and observe the cycle of life. Even young kids can be taught to grow their own crops. Not only does this boost their self-esteem, they also get to grow up as independent adults. 

4.First Aid Skills

One important thing that parents desire is for their kids to stay safe at all times. While accidents can happen anytime, parents can set up a wall of protection to ensure their kids' safety by teaching them a few basic first aid skills. Doing this will also help boost their feelings of compassion towards other children. 

Some first aid skills include applying pressure on a wound with a gauze and calling for help. 

5. Swimming

Because parents are oftentimes busy, they fail to teach their child how to swim. Soon, kids grow up to be water-fearing adults. Swimming is not only a relaxing way to bond with the entire family, it's also a life-saving skill that every child should never miss out. And besides, swimming is an aerobic activity that keeps your kids healthy.  

You can teach your child to swim as early as 18 months. The excitement that your child feels during his first attempt to swim is incomparable and rewarding. If you're not a good swimmer yourself, you can have your child enrolled in a swimming school. Take pictures to preserve memories!

6. Money Management

Not teaching kids about money may seem inconsequential, but it impacts a lot of their financial choices when they grow up. You don't need to educate your child about difficult concepts, you can simply instill in him the idea that money is needed to buy things and that people earn it by going to work. Moreover, saving is a good investment for the future.

Money management is an important skill for kids to religiously learn. It can be developed from an early age and enhanced as they mature.

7. Doing the laundry 

Most parents want to pamper their kids way too much and try to do everything by themselves. By doing this, you are actually teaching your child to be lazy and care less about helping out at home. One of the things that people can learn at an early age is doing the laundry. To make the laundry a fun chore, make it a game where kids are challenged to remove dirt off their clothes, hang them dry, and fold them afterwards. 

8. Time Management

As ironic as it can be, introducing the concept of time management takes a lot of time. Be patient with this lesson. For younger children, you may use visual aids such as a picture of an analog clock. 

By teaching time management, you are emphasizing the importance of finishing an assigned task on time. Doing this helps your child be more organized and prompt in the future. 


No matter how parents try to embrace every precious moment with their children, it will be over in no time. Time flies and we have to make the most out of it while our kids are young. If you want your child to grow to be a well-rounded adult, you need to provide him with a strong foundation. Start as early as possible by introducing age-appropriate learning activities. Have fun with your kids!

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