6 Quick and Easy Ways for You to Transform Any Room Into an Amazing Art Space for Your Child

Posted on 30 September 2016

In this blog post, I would like to share with you easy-to-follow ways on making a beautiful art space for your child using any room in your home.

Some people have one or two areas in their homes that are not utilized very well. These places can be rooms filled with junk or empty corners you never thought would make great spaces where your child can immerse in craft activities.

The good news is that you don’t have to hire the services of a professional to transform one area of your home into an arts and crafts corner. You can do it yourself in a way that’s fun, affordable, and convenient.

I’ll walk you through the steps below.

6 Quick and Easy Steps:

1. Pick a well-lit, well-ventilated area.

An ideal area for this would be a space near the window. This allows sunlight to pass through during daytime and fresh air to enter the room.

No art space is better than one that allows your child to enjoy the benefits of nature, helping him think and work better.

Between an awful smelling basement and a corner in a room near the window, for sure the best option would be the latter.

2. Repaint the wall using a white color (or any neutral color).

If you are wondering about what the best color is for the background of an art space for your child, the answer would be white. You can also opt for another neutral color such as beige or peach.

The reason for this is that a light, neutral-colored wall will serve as a gallery where your child can display his finished paintings and drawings. These types of colors will surely make your child’s colorful artworks stand out.

3. Create a special storage corner for your child’s art supplies.

It’s no secret that kids can often be disorganized. With this in mind, it would be best to assign a specific corner where you can place storage tiles, racks, or bins.

Make sure to label these storage sections or tell your child where to place his crayons, glue, scissors, brushes, and other materials. This will help keep things organized.

The next time your child wants to do a fun craft activity, he will know where to get and return the materials he will need.

4. Make sure to have a garbage bin nearby.

Don’t forget to place a garbage bin near your child’s working area. This ensures a clutter-free art space for your child.

You can make this room transformation experience more enjoyable by getting a new trash bin that’s plain in color and allowing your child to paint it with his favorite colors and designs.

5. Choose an art chair and table that ensures comfort for your child.

Do both your art chair and table have the right height? Your child should not slouch nor reach his arms way above his elbows when sitting. Both his feet must also be comfortably flat on the floor.

Helping your child maintain a good posture by providing the right table and chair will not only allow him to have a satisfying art experience - he’ll also have a healthier back that’s free from stress and fatigue.

6. Place a nice, little decor on the art table to add to the overall look and feel of the new art space.  

You can place a cute ornament on top of your child’s art table to make his working space more attractive.

This can be a small desk lamp or a ceramic DIY flower pot which your child can paint and place fresh flowers in.

Final Thoughts

Making room for a dedicated art area where your child can express his creativity shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do.

You can also encourage your child to help so he would be able to personalize the room and feel happier working in it.

Remember that an ideal art space should be neat, organized, nicely lit and ventilated to keep those creative juices flowing.

Do you have great ideas to share on creating an inspiring art space for your little one? We would love to hear from you!

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