5 Reasons Why Parents Should Choose Wooden Toys for Their Kids

Posted on 11 February 2017

In the earlier times, wooden toys became popular among rich families in the Roman and Egyptian empires. Wood has been used to make toys, long before plastic and rubber were invented. Classical wooden toys are mostly carefully handcrafted and varnished, which indicates that parents during the early civilization are very concerned in choosing the best toys for their children.

Wood-made toys never go out of style. Their production continues even up to the present generations. In fact, it has grown to become an enormous industry. 

Nearly all toys can be made out of wood such as educational building blocks, train puzzle sets, doll houses and many others. Although these types of toys are already made of plastics these days, there are a lot of benefits that classical wooden toys have over the modern counterparts.

Here are some of the reasons why parents consider wooden toys as the ideal toys for their precious kids.

1. Wooden toys last longer and don’t easily break.

Wooden toys last for centuries, passed down from generation to generation and still remain to be enjoyed. Since wooden toys are made of high-quality solid wood, it'll be hard for kids to break them. These toys are guaranteed shock-proof compared to other toys which are easily damaged after being dropped.

2. Wooden toys allow children to engage in social interaction.

Kids are imaginative and are fond of role-playing games. Often they play with their peers. Mechanical toys come with sounds effects and other interactive features which encourage solo-play. 

Wooden toys do not come with these interactive features so this compels your kids to find other kids to interact with. You may also set an educational activity with your children by interacting with them as they play with their wooden toys. 

3. Wooden toys enable children to make use of their senses.

Wooden toys have more weight compared to toys made of light-weight plastic materials. When kids interact with their toys they become more aware of their activity.

The added weight becomes even more beneficial for kids with developmental challenges and those with sensory problems since the heavier the toy, the more they'll be able to develop their fine motor skills. Kids have to exert more energy as they learn and play. For example, a wooden toy car's wheels do not smoothly move compared to toy cars made of plastic, which necessitates kids to exert more force to make them move.

4. Wooden toys are safe – they don’t contain toxic ingredients.

Wooden toys are guaranteed to be safe so you don't need to worry about your kids' safety. These toys also don't break easily so kids won't be exposed to broken sharp edges or shattered pieces. Most of all, these are mostly manufactured using non-toxic and natural materials which do not cause harm even if kids might suck on them. 

5. Wooden toys help kids use their problem-solving skills.

As your child' skills and abilities grow, wooden toys remain to be useful. For toddlers and pre-schoolers, wooden toys allow them to develop fundamental motor skills. When it comes to older kids, wooden toys become useful for complex, imaginative play that involves role-playing and problem-solving. 

6. Wooden toys are environment-friendly and organic.

Wooden toys are eco-friendly. They are made of all-natural wood products and they decompose. Compared to plastic counterparts, wooden toys do not cause harm to mother nature. Common types of wooden toys include bamboo and retired rubber wood. 


Various toy types are sold in the market. As a parent, you must actively get involved in choosing your kid's toy. Use your best judgment while considering your kid's personality when buying a toy. Toys are supposed to be educative and fun. Moreover, they must be safe your child's age and cost-effective.

Aside from choosing the right toy, it is important that you make sure you guide kids on how to use and play with them by providing adequate supervision. 

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