10 Simple Steps on Making Flowers Out of Crepe or Tissue Paper

Posted on 30 September 2016

No one can surpass real flowers, that’s for sure. But paper flowers can be beautiful alternatives too - if real flowers seem to be impractical for some reason.

These artificial flowers have many creative uses. With this blog post, you can teach your child simple steps on making paper flowers for valuable occasions such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more.

By learning how to make lovely paper flowers, your child will be able to express his creativity by choosing the colors for the papers he will use as well as develop his patience throughout the flower creation process.

Knowing how to create simple yet lovely embellishments will allow your child to produce something amazing without having to spend a lot. Paper flowers do not need to have perfect shapes too. Most of all, they are timeless because they do not wither!

Materials your child will need:

  • Crepe paper or tissue paper (Colors will depend on your child’s choice)
  • Scissors
  • Florist wire (Serves as the flower’s stem. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire)
  • Floral tape (Comes in colors white, green and brown. Gauge 22 works best)

10 Simple Steps:

  1. Prepare crepe or tissue papers. Your child can have as many papers as he wants to create more paper flowers.

2. Cut the papers into strips using scissors. Make sure that each paper has a length of 15 inches and a width of 2-3 inches.

3. Hold one end of the strip of paper between your thumb and forefinger. Fold the remaining portion of the strip of paper one at a time, moving slowly towards the center.

4. Repeat the process until you form a lovely flower. The more folds you make with each strip of paper, the more attractive each flower becomes.

5. Continue holding the flower with one hand. Using your other hand, take out the florist wire. Bend a short portion of one end of the florist wire and wrap or wound it around the flower. 

6. After the flower is secured to the florist wire, take out the floral tape. Gauge 22 works best since it’s more flexible and easy to use. Cut the floral tape depending on the length you will need for the florist wire.

7. Wrap the floral tape around the florist wire. Make sure to start from the top where the flower and the florist wire meets.

8. Stretch the tape slightly and be careful that it won’t break. Wrap the tape all the way down to the bottom of the florist wire.

9. If your child wants to make a bouquet of flowers, your child has the option of wrapping the florist wires (already attached to the flowers) altogether instead of doing it individually.
10. For decoration or table arrangement purposes, your child may place the flowers in a special container such as a wooden basket or a DIY ceramic flower pot which he can paint based on the design he likes.

These are all the necessary steps your child will need to make affordable, creative, and timeless flowers! By the way, these paper flowers will look like real roses or carnations depending on the number of folds he creates.

Hopefully, this blog post was able to help you and your child bring out your creative juices. You can help your little one think of other events where he can produce these artificial decorations.

Stay tuned for more creative and DIY tutorials from Genius Art!

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